Holding Pattern

So now I just wait. Engineering is high enough to get cata patterns, mining is maxed, cooking is high enough, money is made, gear is owned.

So now we wait. 12:01 December 7th and I’ll be on my way to level 85. Provided that the servers don’t crash. Until then, I’m picking up my explorers tabard because… well… why not? Been doing some dungeons to get back into the PvE mindset and even did some experimentation with the Fury tree. Which I dont really understand. But thats ok, because I have Arms. I even managed to get an AGM on my lvl 29 rogue twink. Which, considering she was my second WoW toon ever, is pretty sad. I should have had that years ago.

I’m going to set up a twitter feed for this account for fun, random updates during Cata. I don’t think I have any regular readers here, but a twitter feed might generate some and give me something to do in between quests.

Until then, it’s time to drink beer and hang out in The Filthy Animal before have to find another badass inn in which to set my hearth.


Prepare the Preparations!

Yea, I ripped off a Ludo albums title. Bite me.

So it turns out I was correct. I’ll only need 425 engineering to get started on Cataclysm engineering patterns. Thats only five more from where I am right now and as I type, I am in flight to mine some ore. Rawr.

Things left to do:

Max out honor for gear sets. The initial starter set pieces cost anywhere from 1250 to 2200 and max honor at any time is 4K. So with that maxed, I should be able to see 2-3 piece upgrades depending on what I want immediately when I hit 80. From what I understand, these starter pieces can then be traded in for higher level stuff without any additional honor once the necessary rating is achieved. Slick.

Make money. I’ve been a slacker on this front lately, but I blame the holidays and leveling engineering. I have three full days off between now and the launch of Cata and if I just knuckle down and do it, I could have an easy couple grand ready to help the leveling process.

Stock up on mats. This will come as I farm money but having the necessary bandages, foods, and maybe even some elixirs will make leveling that much faster and easier. Im geared to the hilt in PvP gear so while I’ll have a good deal of stam, I wont be killing things as quickly as I could otherwise. Not that it will be slow, mind you, just not super duper fast.

Maybe goof around with the fury tree. I dont have the gear to support prot, so perhaps a respec to fury for my secondary tree would be fun. Im thinking single minded fury, just for the oldschool appeal.

Turkey Day, WSG weekend and other thoughts

So Thanksgiving came and went and I had friends and family in town. I love Thanksgiving, primarily because I love to eat and drink and be merry. But I also enjoy family more and more. So there’s that. I’m back from the short hiatus induced by the holidays. Yay!

Its WSG weekend, ya’ll! Yee-haw! Expect some serious ass kicking to go down courtesy of Bearwolftriceratiger. We’re gonna bring the hurt. Hopefully we’ll see a time when we can get a 5 man wrecking crew queing up together to lay waste to the field.

I’m considering putting together a prot set and spec, but the money sink this would involve right before Cata and all the gear changes has me thinking its a bad idea. Though, recent leveling of engineering leaves with the need for two belts. One for speed boost and one for mind controlling people off of ledges 😛

Speaking of leveling engineering, I’m going to put off going all the way to 450 right before the patch. Invariably, there will be cheaper ways to get there once the expansion hits and it’ll make more sense to simply level that way. Right now, I’m just going to push up another 5-10 levels and start sitting on my gold stash. I want to have 1-2K saved up when Cata drops.

Ya, rambly and pointless post. don’t hate. Something more substantive when I get off work, I promise.


Its 4.0.3 patch day and that means that Azeroth has been permanently altered. Apparently, it’s nuts but I havent been able to log in yet and take in the changes. The servers will, understandably, be down for a while and I have work tonight. And tomorrow. And Thanksgiving. So I dont get to go out for a full explore until Friday.

Im most hyper interested in seeing the changes to Westfall. I love love love the defias brotherhood quests and the idea that they got revamped for the upcoming heroic Dead Mines dungeon makes me hyper happy. So I’m going to have to swing out that way on an old alliance toon.

But Azeroth isnt the only thing being sundered. Warriors are taking a huge nerf this patch. Every special attack is seeing its damage reduced by 17% or more. Im not quite sure why and I can only guess it’s because we were out of control at 85. At 80, however, we werent exactly doing insane damage. I mean, it was high, but it was as high as everyone elses. Im baffled as to why they saw warriors as needing the nerf when a class like mage can just spam ice lance for 12K crits on 1300 resil players. I can only assume its to balance 85. I guess I’ll see when I get there.

Im kinda alright with warriors doing a bit less damage though, in a meta-game sense of things. I’ll explain this in an upcoming post though. Its time to go to work.

On Ass Kicking

Most of the time, I tend to que up solo or with Natezilla. We pewpew some shit and typically do really well. Occasionally (and thankfully more frequently as of late) Sock, our guild leader, will que with us on his resto shaman Orgasmahowl. Thats where the real fun begins.

I find that when the combination becomes Class X/Healer, that warriors outshine every other class. For example, I’d rather have Warrior/healer than rogue/healer. But 1v1 I’d put money on the rogue. This is largely because as the fight goes on, the warrior (generally) starts doing more damage whereas other classes tend be frontloading classes who run out of options the longer the battle drags on. Survive the initial gib and the warrior becomes a wrecking ball.

So Sock and I enter into an AB battle, like ya do, and decide to stuff the initial ally zerg from LM to Farm. Its a suicide run, but it buys enough time for the farm to fully cap for a few seconds which is where we rez… into the oncoming ally zerg. But they make the mistake of splitting, some heading to BS and hesitating. Word to the wise: don’t hesitate when its a full Wrathful geared Shaman and Warrior waiting on you.

Tossing caution to the wind and trusting my healer, I bomb into the allys. They consist of (if memory serves) 3 locks, a pally and a hunter. Maybe a priest. I’m not sure. It’s a bit of a blur.

It was ridiculous. We got pushed back towards the horde starting area which allowed ally to cap the farm, but we stayed up. I spent a bit of time trying to keep pets off of Sock but once they were controlled and Ally cooldowns were blown, I started picking them off. And since there were a good number of them, it took me a bit to kill them one by one and this ultimately proved the undoing of their group.

See, they started rezzing in a string rather than as a group. So after the initial phase where I forced to crazily try to deal with all of them (keeping them off Sock, primarily) and hope for a kill eventually, I could focus on bursting them down 1-2 at a time. The only times we had trouble were when their rezzes synched up again. I managed to tard out and let them focus Sock hard a couple of times, which led to him dying twice more but luckily we were close by the GY and my defensive CD’s kept me up long enough for him to rez and get back to me.

All in all, we did amazing. We never recapped farm but the two of us kept 5+ of them playing a hard, scattered, frenzied defense. This is a win, because it allowed our team to more easily cap other nodes.

omg heals

The Professional

I think professions are a long standing, very cruel joke being played by Blizz on WoW players. Especially Engineering. What a maligned profession. It used to be all about the goofyness, but then people insisted on min/maxing everything. So they gave engineering a bunch of fun tools. But then they don’t let them use them in arena. They’re too powerful. Then they took away ammo, which was the engineers bread and butter.


I love engineering and I’ll be taking it as a profession on Brbbeer. “But Brbbeer” I hear you cry “you just said it wouldnt be worth anything in arena and since rated BG’s will be arena rules, it won’t be worth anything in rated BG’s either.

Oh, but it will. It will. Namely for the gear it gives me. The goggles will be BiS for a long time to come. The mastery trinket will be sexy as all hell because it will also have a pet aspect which, if it holds true, will be a bit of a stealth sniffer. Furthermore, they may yet allow some of the tinkering toys to stack with enchants and allow them to be used in rated BG’s. Even if they arent usable in rated games, they’ll be fun in unrated games.

Plus, this is about fun. And sometimes, min/maxing isnt fun. So fuck it. Im rolling engineer and you min/max naysayers can suck it.

Square 1

I hit 80 roughly 3 weeks ago on October 27th. Since then I’ve done enough honor grinding to fully deck myself out in Wrathful pvp gear. I now spend a lot of time trying not to cry when the “random” BG que dumps me in yet another Isle of Conquest.

So begins the few weeks of fun PvP experience with guildies before I have to start the leveling and honor grind all over again. I knew it was coming. I just wish I had a few more weeks before Cata hits to enjoy being geared. Such is life at end game.