The Professional

I think professions are a long standing, very cruel joke being played by Blizz on WoW players. Especially Engineering. What a maligned profession. It used to be all about the goofyness, but then people insisted on min/maxing everything. So they gave engineering a bunch of fun tools. But then they don’t let them use them in arena. They’re too powerful. Then they took away ammo, which was the engineers bread and butter.


I love engineering and I’ll be taking it as a profession on Brbbeer. “But Brbbeer” I hear you cry “you just said it wouldnt be worth anything in arena and since rated BG’s will be arena rules, it won’t be worth anything in rated BG’s either.

Oh, but it will. It will. Namely for the gear it gives me. The goggles will be BiS for a long time to come. The mastery trinket will be sexy as all hell because it will also have a pet aspect which, if it holds true, will be a bit of a stealth sniffer. Furthermore, they may yet allow some of the tinkering toys to stack with enchants and allow them to be used in rated BG’s. Even if they arent usable in rated games, they’ll be fun in unrated games.

Plus, this is about fun. And sometimes, min/maxing isnt fun. So fuck it. Im rolling engineer and you min/max naysayers can suck it.


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