On Ass Kicking

Most of the time, I tend to que up solo or with Natezilla. We pewpew some shit and typically do really well. Occasionally (and thankfully more frequently as of late) Sock, our guild leader, will que with us on his resto shaman Orgasmahowl. Thats where the real fun begins.

I find that when the combination becomes Class X/Healer, that warriors outshine every other class. For example, I’d rather have Warrior/healer than rogue/healer. But 1v1 I’d put money on the rogue. This is largely because as the fight goes on, the warrior (generally) starts doing more damage whereas other classes tend be frontloading classes who run out of options the longer the battle drags on. Survive the initial gib and the warrior becomes a wrecking ball.

So Sock and I enter into an AB battle, like ya do, and decide to stuff the initial ally zerg from LM to Farm. Its a suicide run, but it buys enough time for the farm to fully cap for a few seconds which is where we rez… into the oncoming ally zerg. But they make the mistake of splitting, some heading to BS and hesitating. Word to the wise: don’t hesitate when its a full Wrathful geared Shaman and Warrior waiting on you.

Tossing caution to the wind and trusting my healer, I bomb into the allys. They consist of (if memory serves) 3 locks, a pally and a hunter. Maybe a priest. I’m not sure. It’s a bit of a blur.

It was ridiculous. We got pushed back towards the horde starting area which allowed ally to cap the farm, but we stayed up. I spent a bit of time trying to keep pets off of Sock but once they were controlled and Ally cooldowns were blown, I started picking them off. And since there were a good number of them, it took me a bit to kill them one by one and this ultimately proved the undoing of their group.

See, they started rezzing in a string rather than as a group. So after the initial phase where I forced to crazily try to deal with all of them (keeping them off Sock, primarily) and hope for a kill eventually, I could focus on bursting them down 1-2 at a time. The only times we had trouble were when their rezzes synched up again. I managed to tard out and let them focus Sock hard a couple of times, which led to him dying twice more but luckily we were close by the GY and my defensive CD’s kept me up long enough for him to rez and get back to me.

All in all, we did amazing. We never recapped farm but the two of us kept 5+ of them playing a hard, scattered, frenzied defense. This is a win, because it allowed our team to more easily cap other nodes.

omg heals


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