Its 4.0.3 patch day and that means that Azeroth has been permanently altered. Apparently, it’s nuts but I havent been able to log in yet and take in the changes. The servers will, understandably, be down for a while and I have work tonight. And tomorrow. And Thanksgiving. So I dont get to go out for a full explore until Friday.

Im most hyper interested in seeing the changes to Westfall. I love love love the defias brotherhood quests and the idea that they got revamped for the upcoming heroic Dead Mines dungeon makes me hyper happy. So I’m going to have to swing out that way on an old alliance toon.

But Azeroth isnt the only thing being sundered. Warriors are taking a huge nerf this patch. Every special attack is seeing its damage reduced by 17% or more. Im not quite sure why and I can only guess it’s because we were out of control at 85. At 80, however, we werent exactly doing insane damage. I mean, it was high, but it was as high as everyone elses. Im baffled as to why they saw warriors as needing the nerf when a class like mage can just spam ice lance for 12K crits on 1300 resil players. I can only assume its to balance 85. I guess I’ll see when I get there.

Im kinda alright with warriors doing a bit less damage though, in a meta-game sense of things. I’ll explain this in an upcoming post though. Its time to go to work.


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