Prepare the Preparations!

Yea, I ripped off a Ludo albums title. Bite me.

So it turns out I was correct. I’ll only need 425 engineering to get started on Cataclysm engineering patterns. Thats only five more from where I am right now and as I type, I am in flight to mine some ore. Rawr.

Things left to do:

Max out honor for gear sets. The initial starter set pieces cost anywhere from 1250 to 2200 and max honor at any time is 4K. So with that maxed, I should be able to see 2-3 piece upgrades depending on what I want immediately when I hit 80. From what I understand, these starter pieces can then be traded in for higher level stuff without any additional honor once the necessary rating is achieved. Slick.

Make money. I’ve been a slacker on this front lately, but I blame the holidays and leveling engineering. I have three full days off between now and the launch of Cata and if I just knuckle down and do it, I could have an easy couple grand ready to help the leveling process.

Stock up on mats. This will come as I farm money but having the necessary bandages, foods, and maybe even some elixirs will make leveling that much faster and easier. Im geared to the hilt in PvP gear so while I’ll have a good deal of stam, I wont be killing things as quickly as I could otherwise. Not that it will be slow, mind you, just not super duper fast.

Maybe goof around with the fury tree. I dont have the gear to support prot, so perhaps a respec to fury for my secondary tree would be fun. Im thinking single minded fury, just for the oldschool appeal.


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