Holding Pattern

So now I just wait. Engineering is high enough to get cata patterns, mining is maxed, cooking is high enough, money is made, gear is owned.

So now we wait. 12:01 December 7th and I’ll be on my way to level 85. Provided that the servers don’t crash. Until then, I’m picking up my explorers tabard because… well… why not? Been doing some dungeons to get back into the PvE mindset and even did some experimentation with the Fury tree. Which I dont really understand. But thats ok, because I have Arms. I even managed to get an AGM on my lvl 29 rogue twink. Which, considering she was my second WoW toon ever, is pretty sad. I should have had that years ago.

I’m going to set up a twitter feed for this account for fun, random updates during Cata. I don’t think I have any regular readers here, but a twitter feed might generate some and give me something to do in between quests.

Until then, it’s time to drink beer and hang out in The Filthy Animal before have to find another badass inn in which to set my hearth.


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