About Brbbeer

TL;DR Summary: Brbbeer is a level 80 (soon the be 85) Orc Warrior played primarily in end game PvP. It’s been a long journey getting here, filled with trials, tribulation and more than a little beer.

The Story Thus Far: It all started in the summer of 2006. I had recently graduated college and was living with my girlfriend at the time who was an avid WoW player. I had resolutely decided I would never play the game, fearing it addictive quality, so when she played I plugged in the PS2 or read a book. But she kept asking me to play. And she was pretty. And her guild needed a hunter and she told me this meant I could have a pet kitty. I’m a sucker for pretty girls and kitties, so a new hunter was created.

I was awful. I was the typical Night Elf huntard. I keyboard turned and clicked my spells, a habit primarily born from my years playing FPS games and Diablo. I stacked Stamina at the expense of every other stat and wore a whole lot of Stam/Spirit gear because I thought the health regen would help. I color coordinated my outfits.

But I was having fun. She brought her priest along to make sure I didnt die too often, but she let me do most of the work. I enjoyed the content. Around level 46 or so, she suggested that we go do this thing called PvP in a placed called Arathi Basin with some friends she had made running dungeons. They were good (for the record, she’s still the best priest I’ve ever seen play). I was not. I got wrecked 5 ways from Sunday. The most memorable, however, was by an Orc warrior. He had a big axe, a mean looking helmet and absolutely made me feel stupid. But I fell i love with pvp and swore that one day, I’d be the big mean orc with an axe.

A little while later I hit 60 and then not too long later I was 70. And I was better. I had devoured online tutorials and started learning about shot rotation, mana management, weapon and gear choice, etc. My girlfriend, myself and the same friends we had PvP’d with had started up a ten man raiding guild and were clearing Kara regularly. But I was also PvPing pretty extensively, though I was concentrating largely on my 29 twink rogue.

Seeking bigger and better content, our guild merged with another smaller 10 man guild that was looking to expand. It was wildly unstable but we saw Gruul on a weekly basis and right about the time we got him on farm, the guild collapsed from a lack of consistent attendance. This actually happened on the day of my one year anniversary of playing WoW.

Around this same time, my relationship also dissolved. Since the game held such a significant association with her and because our guild had crumbled I largely stopped playing. I logged on to sell and shard most of my gear and send the gold and gems to a friend before I deleted my account and I found a letter in my mail from one of my buddies I had made PvPing. She and her guild were taking the free server transfer off our server and going to another server. She wanted to know if I would come along. So I did. I figured a new server would mean new people and I could continue playing without being reminded of said girl.

Our PvP guild wrecked faces but was very volatile. Our guild leader was a solid healer but she was a terrible leader and that power vacuum created a lot of tension. The guild barely lasted two weeks. Most of my friends in the guild transfered to various servers and I was stuck on a new server, knowing noone. But I decided I wouldn’t let this kill my fun, so I found a raiding guild that was recruiting and put in my application.

Two days later, I was given a trial run in a heroic, given a spot on the primary raiding team and thrown into the action. Our guild was on a mission to beat every boss in the Burning Crusade and we did with a vengeance. These guys could play but they were also goofy and fun and enjoyable. I had found a home and a guild I felt welcome in. I was drinking my way to the top of DPS charts, getting ridiculous loot and having a merry time. Once Illidan was downed and Wrath of the Lich King came about, we blew through Naxx with relative ease and moved into Ulduar. About this time, game content began to exceed the abilities of my humble computer and I retreated to the more computer friendly PvP scene. WSG ran fine and so I played that. A lot.

I turned, with some of that guild, to 39 twinking. We had a great time and again, I started making friends in the 39 community. I loved the bracket and started becoming a fixture on the forums. When our guild finally disbanded, I didnt really feel the loss. I had another home. Soon after, a recruitment post from a 39 specific guild on a another server showed up in our forum. The poster was goofy, fun and had a decked out shaman. I wanted in. So I applied, was accepted and immediately rolled an orc warrior. This was my chance to be the orc warrior I had always wanted to be.

I leveled quickly. I geared myself in the best gear and joined my guild in regular twink action. We did 10v10 premade games, pug games, small group games, everything. It was amazing.

The 39 game has changed dramatically since then, especially with the incoming Cataclysm expansion. Much of the things that made 39s so much fun and so interesting has either been removed or the level requirements increased. Damage has skyrocketed. My warrior, once tons of fun, has become little more than a devastate spamming meat shield. Great.

So I rolled another warrior in an effort to capture the 39 pvp experience I loved so much. Many of my guild shares my feelings about the current state of 39s and so has started pvping at 80 as well in preparation for the introduction of rated BG’s in Cata.

And thats where Im at. Getting ready for and eventually kicking ass in rated BG’s. This blog will be a continuation of this story.


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